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How Proforma Invoice Template Looks Like

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Proforma invoice

is a document sent to the buyer by the supplier indicating the cost of certain number of items to be supplied. It is sent in order to give the buyer the costs of goods so that they are able to make informed decisions and changes if need be. It also shows the buyer the commitment of the supplier to deliver. They do not include vat and customs duty therefore when the real invoice is sent, proper tax details may also be sent. Proforma invoice is not a true invoice. Proforma invoice template is an outline of how a proforma invoice should be structured. It shows what should be included in the invoice. sample proforma invoiceA template makes it easier while a company is transacting because all the necessary details are in it. Whatever the product a company deals with is accommodated in the template. All one has to do is fill in the relevant fields depending on what is being sold. There are some characteristics of a good template. It should contain the company name, slogan, address, telephone number email and fax at the top. The date prepared or sent is important. The date until when the quotation is valid should be included. This expiry date helps to avoid cases where the buyer takes much time before confirming the purchase such that some things such as market prices change. It will mean a new proforma invoice reflecting the changes is drafted. A good template has the invoice number and the customer ID. Customer details such as name and address are very important and they come just below supplier details. Shipping details such as mode of shipment, the weight and the ship date must be included. It must have a tabulation of the part number, unit of measure (kg/pound), description, quantity, price per item, tax and the total cost of all the quantity of a particular item. There is a subtotal of all the cost items quoted, the tax details regarding what is taxable, the tax rate applied, total tax and any other charges that may arise in the process of shipping. Such additional charges may include insurance and special packaging. The total cost of delivery must be indicated after adding up all individual costs. There is a space below the tabulation set for the terms and conditions of the transaction and any other relevant information. The proforma invoice template should have a clear indication of the currency to be used. It should indicate which country the items are coming from and which port is being used to ship. There has to be a reason for the shipment. The terms of payment must be indicated to avoid any inconveniences. A good template will help a company or a business capture all that it needs to address in the transactions. In conclusion, proforma invoices help buyers receive all information regarding a purchase before committing. It also enables buyers obtain funding from financial institutions. Calculation of customs for imports is done before dispatch thus making the process easier.

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Free invoice templates for excel, mac

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If you are doing any type of business you will need an invoice, which looks good, as this simple sheet of paper will represent your company. Also it’s a way to receive payment from your clients, where you can clearly state payment terms.

Invoice template I am using 192

This is common invoice template which is easily editable in excel.

This file works both on windows and mac.

In this excel worksheet you will find few spreadsheets with different kind of templates. I am using these simple templates for my business, as it only takes like one minute to write full invoice.

Also I always save this file as new one, firstly I enter business name or last name of person which bought something from me and the date when the deal occurred. This helps me to find invoices at the later time when I need them.

Click here to download template in .xlsx file format


Invoice template



Invoice template

invoice template

Visit a website to get this template.



Get Invoice Template free from this site. There are various types of invoice and a billing invoice is a piece of paper document which is usually requested as payment for services offered or for goods sold. Presently generally the vast majority of the people and even organizations make their invoicing exercises on the web. It is essential to follow along with cash used on any administrations and products and this can be accomplished through invoice. People and organizations can catch up their benefit and cost through keeping up an invoice. Notwithstanding people and business, additionally builders usually use invoice billing administrations to keep overhaul on their assessments. A billing invoice incorporates a wide mixed bag of data and it can be added as per kind of business obliging the invoice. Online comprises of various templates for billing invoice and it is dependent upon people to pick a template suiting their prerequisite.


Invoices are vital for all types of business and it is an expert intends to have a report containing the subtle elements of procurement and the installments points of interest that are to be made. At the point when purchasing an administration or item by setting requests over telephone, email, online or in individual, it is essential to get a bill expressing the request, administration or item names with subtle elements, request number and other data. This is imperative for the business also clients for bookkeeping purposes. It is not difficult to check accounts data or request points of interest utilizing the invoice number. At the point when requesting installment organizations raise an invoice with number, date, name and different points of interest. It is an archive which is proficient and is an absolute necessity for clients.


Billing Invoice programming is most advantageous in delivering bills to customers in a speedy and effective way. The methodology of making a billing invoice is upgraded and it is made in a fast and clear route through the product. Computerized handling is carried out through such programming and they are composed in a manner to make billing and invoice quickly. All the transactions display in the organizations are recorded with this product, which makes it as a crucial device for an extensive variety of business. In the event that contrasted with conventional modes of billing it are efficient as it delivers bills in a short compass. Number of individuals needed to make invoice billing is lessened with the utilization of such programming and business can use it to diminish their work or staff number.


Billing Invoice is really imperative for accepting installments. Most organizations and organizations like to pay through the utilization of invoices. For this reason we have included here a free Billing Invoice Template so you can make your invoice in the blink of an eye actually. Fortunate thing about this Billing Invoice Template is that you can undoubtedly modify it as per your specific prerequisite and needs. It can fit to your organization splendidly and you won’t need to stress over the specialized points of interest of it.